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Free Student Life

This service is free of charge to all international students.

Utilize our administration to boost your possibility of being acknowledged at your first decision college. Our nearby relations with colleges permit you to profit by having your application checked on preceding accommodation and to get your offer speedier than applying all alone. Our administration implies 98% of Future Advisers’s candidates get offers to their first decision college, contrasted with 60% applying autonomously.

Our advisors have set countless understudies into remote colleges and universities and you could be next.


What’s included?

  • A free 30 minute consultation with a university specialist in our office or via skype
  • We will provide you with a list of recommended universities to apply to
  • We will provide you with and review your application forms
  • Help you write your personal statement
  • Advice on what documents you need
  • Advice on scholarship applications
  • Advice on deciding which offer to accept
  • Support throughout your course until graduation
Premium Application Service

Applying to a university can be a time consuming and complicated process, especially if English is not your first language.

The Premium Service provides you with a dedicated advisor who will give you an initial consultation and prepare your application to the highest quality, guaranteeing you receive at least one offer from a desired university.

What’s included?

  • Advise on which course to apply for
  • Provide a check list of documents required by the university
  • Provide a personal statement questionnaire for you to answer
  • Write a personal statement on the basis of your answers to the questionnaire
  • Edit all supporting documents once, including the CV and the reference letter
  • Fill in the university application form
  • Make sure the application is received by the university after submission and actively liaise with the university to follow up.

Terms & Conditions

This contract sets the responsibilities of the Future Advisers Consultants and is an exhaustive list of the services you will receive from the Premium Service.

Under the Premium Service Future Advisers will do the following:

  • The cost of the Future Advisers’s Premium Service is £200
  • This service guarantees an offer from a university and, if you do not receive one, you will be entitled to apply to more universities free of charge or a full refund of £200.
  • If there is an application fee required by the university you will need to pay upon request to the university directly.
  • The fee is not refundable if after payment you decide not to use the service.
Financial Guidance

Before a student plans to travel and come here to start his/ her studies, we ensure that a student is aware of his financial requirements while living and studying abroad. Student will need enough money to pay for course fees and living costs while they are in the abroad. This is also refers to this as the maintenance (funds) requirements, and they are required to be in a regulated financial institution. You cannot use evidence of other types of finances, such as shares, bonds or a pension fund or an overdraft facility.

The amount of money that you need to have for your maintenance will depend on:

  • How long your courses lasts
  • Where you will be studying abroad

Future Advisers consultants keeps the student updated of any changes in the financial requirements for making visa applications as well as living costs while they are studying abroad.

Course fees

‘Overseas’ fees can range from £3,500 to about £18,000 per year in UK, $7,000 to $20,000 in Canada, and Australia depending on the institution, the level of course and the type of course. The fee will probably increase each year by the level of inflation. You should contact the institutions you have applied to in order to find out what the fees are for your course and whether they can tell you what the fees will be for future years.

Your institution will probably ask you to give them some information about yourself and your family to help it assess your fee status. It will use the information you give to check if you fit into one of the Categories for ‘home’ fees. You may be asked to provide documents (for example, passport, official letters) to support the information you give.

Living costs

In addition to course fees It is mandatory requirement to have amount of money available to cover the living costs. For example, If a student is making an application from outside the United Kingdom, they are required to have maintenance funds for a period of maximum 09 months. Future Advisers helps students to find the on campus, homestay and off campus accommodation. See our accommodation guide for more information.

Student Accomodation

Finding the perfect student accommodation doesn’t have to be a chore. But it’s important to remember that there is more to consider than just the size of your bedroom and how close you’ll be to the nearest pub! Future Advisers advisors will help you avoid all the common mistakes thousands of students make each year when moving into their new student house. In partnership with letting agents, Future Advisers makes it very easy for student groups, international students, and professionals to get a single, double room or shared accommodation suitable to individual budget needs.

We recommend every student to have a look on the below checklist and ensure that accommodation meets the requirement.

Accommodation Options

During your time at our partner universities you can choose to either live in allocated

  • Student accommodation
  • Private accommodation
  • Homestay

We strongly advise all students to secure their accommodation before arriving. This will ensure that there are no difficulties with confirming your course, at immigration or at police registration on arrival (if required).

Student Accommodation

Students are advised to confirm their place early. After you confirm your place, you will be sent instructions on how to apply for student accommodation. If your circumstances prevent you from confirming early and you miss accommodation deadlines, we will do all we can to help you find alternative accommodation.

Please note that not all options are available for every intake/course start date. Accommodation is only guaranteed once you receive confirmation that a room has been secured.

Your accommodation will normally be ready the weekend before your course starts. This is also when we expect you to arrive. Exact tenancy dates will be confirmed when you secure your room – please do not arrive before your tenancy starts as your room will not be available. If you have to arrive before the start date, please view our Private Accommodation Factsheet (see below) to enable you to book temporary, short-term accommodation.

Private Accommodation

We are aware that there are a number of students enquiring about private stay, students who will be under 18 at the start of their course, and who wish to arrange their own accommodation in the private sector we will happy to assist them.

Airport Pickup

We understand that arriving in a new country can be both exciting and a bit scary! That’s why we offer an airport pick-up service for new students living in the local area. Simply book your flight for the pick-up date and register online. We’ll meet you at the airport and take you to your accommodation.

Who will meet me?

A friendly Future Advisers representative will be in the arrivals area to meet you. You won’t miss them – they’ll be wearing a holding a sign of your name! They’ll take you to your transport when it arrives.

How long will it take?

At the airport, you may have to wait with other students for a coach or taxi, and your transport may make a number of stops before you arrive at your destination. We estimate that you’ll arrive at your halls of residence, or at the International Welcome Centre, up to four hours after we’ve met you at the airport.

Luggage advice

We recommend you travel with a reasonable amount of luggage that isn’t too heavy, so that you’re able to carry all of it on your own. There is a fair distance to walk to the coach or taxi at the airport and you might also need to walk with your luggage when you arrive at your accommodation.

What if I can’t find a representative?

If you can’t find a Future Advisers representative, please go to the airport information desk in the arrivals hall and ask for a public announcement to be made for any Future Advisers representatives to meet you there.

Can relatives or friends use the service?

Unfortunately, we can’t reserve spaces on the pick-up service for your relatives or friends. However, we can advise on public or private transport options.

What else do I need to know/do?

  • Check that your accommodation is located in the local area.
  • Please note that buses and trains do not operate throughout the night.
  • You and your accompanying luggage will be transported to your accommodation after you are met. If you have luggage that needs to be collected from the airport’s cargo department, you will need to make separate arrangements for this.