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What is e-Learning?

Understanding eLearning is essential. eLearning is learning utilizing electronic advances to get to enlightening instructive modules outside of a routine classroom. Overall, it insinuates a course, program or degree passed on absolutely on the web.

There are various terms used to delineate finding that is passed on the web, by method for the web, stretching out from Distance Education, to modernized electronic learning, web learning, web learning and various others. We describe eLearning as courses that are especially passed on by method for the web to some spot other than the classroom where the instructor is training. It is not a course passed on through a DVD or CD-ROM, video tape or over a TV space. It is smart in that you can similarly talk with your instructors, educators or distinctive understudies in your class. From time to time it is passed on live, where you can “electronically” raise your hand and partner persistently and sometimes it is a location that has been prerecorded. There is reliably a teacher or instructor associating/talking with you and assessing your backing, your assignments and your tests. Find more on E Learning region.

How does online study with Distance Learning Work?

Find out why studying online with us is a truly flexible and fun way to gain new skills, knowledge, and experience.

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Why Distance Learning?

  1. Choice: An online education provides the opportunity to study more subjects and reach out to programs that are not available in the immediate area.
  2. Flexible: Distance learning is much more flexible than traditional styles of classroom education. Students who need to take other classes or work can do classwork whenever they have a free moment instead of being restricted to a rigid schedule.
  3. Networking: Students who enroll in classes with online education obtain a wider range of networking opportunities. Instead of being limited to networking in the local area, distance learning enables students to make connections with a more diverse range of people.
  4. Scheduling: The schedules for distance learning are more open and allow for students, parents and professionals to take the classes whenever it fits into their schedule. This is beneficial over classroom education that requires students to schedule work and childcare around the class time.
  5. Money: Online classes typically cost less than an education in a classroom environment. There are less space limitations and materials required for each student and the savings are passed on from the educational institution to each student.
  6. Effective: Online classes are just as, if not more, effective at teaching students than the traditional classroom style of learning.


Each task module contains a movement of locations and classes. These modules are driven by mentor whose part is to bolster and direct talk, to empower dynamic understudy venture, and to give individual and get-together info. Your module coach will use online gadgets, for instance, talk social affairs and direct messages to meet the study gather and look at any issues or request that have risen up out of the instructive projects.

Each module is delivered to you via:

  • Case studies presented in HD-quality video lectures with lecture notes.
  • Quick quizzes to test your knowledge on key concepts and theories.
  • A revision kit for your reference at the end of each programme module.
  • Self-assessed mock assignments to improve your skills in report writing and answering questions.
  • Online libraries containing useful resources for your assignments and dissertation research.
  • Study anywhere, anytime with our flexible online learning platform
  • Live and pre-recorded HD quality video lectures with real-life case studies
  • Dedicated student support team and mentors
  • Learn from world-class tutors with industry experience

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