Study in Russia

Study business and international relations in a global center of business and culture: Moscow. In this large city in Europe, you’ll learn about the enduring effects of the city’s violent history, and witness its preparations for a promising future – Moscow’s hosting the 2018 FIFA World Cup. At Russia’s most prestigious foreign affairs university and through an internship and excursions, you’ll expand your knowledge, boost your Russian language skills, and get the most out of living and studying in Moscow.

  • Test your business and leadership skills with an optional internship
  • Take advantage of the opportunity to participate in an international debate club
  • Enjoy a full complement of cultural activities, from ballet to opera, and get the most out of living and studying in Moscow

System of Higher Education in Russia

The educational system in Russia is similar to the European and American educational systems:

  • 2 cycle educational system:
    – undergraduate level in Russia: Bachelor degree,
    – postgraduate level in Russia: Master degree and Ph.D.
  • Credit transfer system.
  • Academic exchange programs on the basis of ECTS (European Credit Transfer System).
  • European diploma supplement.

The main difference between Russian and European educational systems is our: 5-year engineer / Specialist programs.

Russia signed the Bologna agreement (Integrating process of developing a common European educational system). As a result, the number of non-degree programs in Russia is decreasing.

If you the Secondary School Certificate or an equivalent, you can study through all levels, from Bachelor through Doctoral Studies.
A degree or diploma holder of institution of higher education can be admitted to the appropriate learning level after accreditation of his/her prior education. The university can offer you instruction either in Russian or in English.

Those who would like to take courses in Russian must be fluent in Russian and present the Russian Language State Certificate as evidence. The most effective way in reaching this goal is to take the one year Preparatory Course.

University Fees in Russia

Because Russia is a relatively new study abroad destination for international students, fees to study there are not expensive.

  • There is a wide variety of degree programmes to study in Russia, from law, arts and languages to computing, mathematics and sciences.
  • Fees will vary depending on the programme of study but are likely to be between £2,500 and £5,000 per year.

Living Costs in Russia

Typical costs in Russia (GBP, March 2015) are:

  • Apartment rent, 1 bedroom: £279 – £402 per month
  • Meal, inexpensive restaurant: £7.29
  • Meal at McDonalds: £4.87
  • Cappuccino: £1.79
  • Coke/Pepsi (0.33 litre bottle): £0.73
  • Water (0.33 litre bottle): £0.51
  • Loaf of bread: £0.45
  • Cigarettes: £1.30
  • One-way ticket local transport: £0.34
  • Cinema ticket: £5.10

Working as a Student

  • As a student it may be possible to be exempted from the requirement to have a work permit to find part-time work, but it is not automatic.
  • Wages will not be high and it is advisable to take local advice.
Application procedure for studying in Russia is straightforward and quick. Future Advisers provides fast track application service for all Russian Universities offering courses industry demanding courses i.e. Medical, Engineering and Business Management.

How to Apply

  • Use Apply Now Service
  • Wait up to 5 working days for admission letter

Pay Registration Fee

  • Pay Registration Fee of $250
  • Fee covers visa invitation and courier delivery

Wait for Invitation

  • Up to 40 Days for Russia
  • Up to 20 Days for Ukraine

Pay Admission Fee

  • Pay Admission Fee of $700
  • Fee includes admission fee, dormitory arrangement
  • Visa support and additional services

Apply for Student Visa

  • Legalise documents in proper way
  • Pay visa fee to embassy

University Tuition Fees

  • Tuitions fees are payable once student arrives at the University
  • All payments will be requested through invoices
  • Payments can be made on line by visa/ master card or by bank transfer

Visa Procedure

  • Passport (Valid for 1.5 Year)
  • Official invitation
  • School leaving certificate with the list of the grades / marks
  • Medical certificate about possibility of studying
  • AIDS test medical certificate
  • Birth Certificate
  • Documents 3,4,6 must be translated and legalised

List of Russian Embassies

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