Planning on visiting the UK from abroad?

You can now apply for visit visa of any type under standard visitor visa category.

Documents required from the applicant/s
1. Online application form for each applicant signed individually
2. Current & Passport previous travel documents/passports, which shows your previous travel history if any.
3. Proof of relationship with sponsor & any applicants under the age of 18
4. Financial documents showing that you have sufficient funds available to support yourself during your stay in the UK.
5. Proof of earnings such as a letter from employer confirming employment details (start date of employment, salary, role, company contact details on company headed paper).
6. If self-employed: business registration documents confirming the business owner’s name and the date the business started trading.
7. Proof of confirmation of residence where you will be staying during your visit.
8. Visa costs £87.00 for up to 6 months. If you want to apply for a longer time then fee for a long-term will depends on the length of the visa (£330.00 for up to 2 years, £660.00 for up to 5 years & £752.00 for up to 10 years.

We can help you to prepare your file from day one till final submission and will minimise the risk of refusal.