Financial Guidance

Before a student plans to travel and come here to start his/ her studies, we ensure that a student is aware of his financial requirements while living and studying abroad. Student will need enough money to pay for course fees and living costs while they are in the abroad. This is also refers to this as the maintenance (funds) requirements, and they are required to be in a regulated financial institution. You cannot use evidence of other types of finances, such as shares, bonds or a pension fund or an overdraft facility.

The amount of money that you need to have for your maintenance will depend on:

  • How long your courses lasts 
  • Where you will be studying abroad
Future Advisers consultants keeps the student updated of any changes in the financial requirements for making visa applications as well as living costs while they are studying abroad.
  • Course fees

    ‘Overseas’ fees can range from £3,500 to about £18,000 per year in UK, $7,000 to $20,000 in Canada, and Australia depending on the institution, the level of course and the type of course. The fee will probably increase each year by the level of inflation. You should contact the institutions you have applied to in order to find out what the fees are for your course and whether they can tell you what the fees will be for future years.

    Your institution will probably ask you to give them some information about yourself and your family to help it assess your fee status. It will use the information you give to check if you fit into one of the Categories for ‘home’ fees. You may be asked to provide documents (for example, passport, official letters) to support the information you give.

  • Living costs

    In addition to course fees It is mandatory requirement to have amount of money available to cover the living costs. For example, If a student is making an application from outside the United Kingdom, they are required to have maintenance funds for a period of maximum 09 months. Future Advisers helps students to find the on campus, homestay and off campus accommodation. See our accommodation guide for more information.