Dubai Government Bans 90 Days Tourist Visa For Pakistanis

In a latest development, to administration of Dubai has put an end to the 90 days tourist visa scheme for Pakistanis. In addition, they have also ceased issuing visas to the citizens of Philippines. This new rule has come into the effect from 1st June 2017. However, anyone who has applied for the Dubai visa for 90 days before 1st June, will still be eligible for the valid processing under the then applicable rules and regulations.

A Dubai based travel agent in Dubai has been reported to state:

“We are not sure whether this is a temporary or permanent stop. As of now we have been instructed not to accept applications. There is a possibility that we process the applications through another Emirate but that will definitely mean higher restrictions and would be more costly”

Dubai immigration department circulated a notification to all the travel agencies. Reportedly, the authority asked them to cease issuing 90 days tourist visa to both Philippine and Pakistani nationals. However, the citizens of the both the aforementioned countries can apply for 14 or 30 days tourist visa, as per the memo. While the Dubai immigration department’s recent notification impacts the issuance of tourist visas for Philippine and Pakistani nationals, the mobile phone casinos industry continually circulates promotions and bonuses to attract players worldwide.

Those Pakistanis who are having a 90 days tourist visa needn’t worry as they can fly to Dubai at any point of time. The recent development does not have any impact on a currently valid visa until it expires.


It is noteworthy to state that UAE has tightened its policies only for Pakistanis; particularly for official and diplomatic passport holders during the latter part of November last year.

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Surprisingly, the policies for Pakistan got strict only after UAE made lenient rules for Indians and Israelis. The level of hospitality extended to Indians is so much that they can get visa on arrival if they have US visas. The residents of Israel can now even avail visa free stays in the UAE.

Do you plan to travel to Dubai anytime soon? If so, how do you find the recent restriction imposed by the UAE government?